ToDo for Two

About the app

what is it for?

ToDo for Two coming soon to bring communication of you to on the new level. It is handy and beautiful Messanger for couple, with push notifications, so you'll be know about new messages and events in time. Also ToDo for Two is a powerful ToDo list, you can create and view one common tasks or list (e.g. Shopping list) directly from the chat or using app as shared ToDo list. Now when you're talking about dinner, you can create shopping list directly from chat, you don't need to call for every new item in the list




to get things
done together

ToDo 4 Two

Chat & ToDo

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Handy and nice chat for you Two

Real-time messaging and share photos, express your moods & emotions with a variety fun stickers. Set common tasks for each other directly from chat, see timeline of tasks, photos and messages. Now you'll be always know about context of created tasks and lists.

Powerful ToDo list

Quick, simple, intuitive and perfect for couples and it's definitely going to wow you! Create tasks and lists from ToDo mode or directly from chat. Always be notified about new tasks or it's status in time and be in context of created tasks and messages. Awesome!

Unique mix of chat and ToDo list

Once needed, you can easily jump from task to the exact date and time of when it was created. Content and history can be easily reviewed to assign priority to the task(s).


  • The main point of creation is the union of male and female. ~Y.Y. Jacobson

  • Let’s find areas where we can grow together, yet retain the unique qualities we love in each other. . -Ian Marvin

  • When we love each other, we are synchronized with the movement of life. -David Aaron